About us

Milpark Radiology Incorporated is a diagnostic radiology practice in South Africa. Its main branch is in Netcare Milpark Hospital in Parktown, Johannesburg, and the second, smaller satellite branch is in Harmelia Wellness Centre in Germiston, Johannesburg. Milpark Hospital is renowned beyond South African borders for its world-class specialised care and was the first private facility in South Africa, and one of only three to date, to achieve level 1 accreditation by the Trauma Society of South Africa. The Netcare Milpark Breast Care Centre of Excellence is one of only a few centres outside the USA with international accreditation for its excellence in breast care, and the hospital’s stroke unit has received international stroke-ready status.

Our multi-speciality radiology practice, where we offer a broad spectrum of diagnostic imaging services, has been part of the medical fraternity for more than three decades. We aim to provide best-in-class service by combining our high-tech imaging technologies and expert industry knowledge. Patients can expect exceptional service from every department.

Our team of registered Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) diagnostic radiologists and radiographers undergo continuous training, both locally and abroad to ensure excellent patient care. To keep abreast with all the latest developments in radiology and related medical and technical matters, our team undertake CPD (Continuous Professional Development) activities. Each member of our team is committed to provide each patient with the highest quality care by centring our care around their unique needs. Care is provided in a private and comfortable environment, where our team will make sure patients understand their procedure(s). 

Our practice is accredited by the HPCSA to facilitate training for radiography and sonography students at UJ (University of Johannesburg). We have dedicated clinical tutors who facilitates the practical, clinical, and theoretical training. 

Milpark Radiology Incorporated is a Southern African Radiation Protection Association (SARPA) registered licence holder with the Department of Health. Our Picture Archiving System (PACS) is Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) compliant, and we have fully integrated it with our Radiological Information System (RIS) to achieve a paper-light environment. Our BEE-compliant practice adheres to the POPI (Protection of Personal Information) Act, and all patient information, images and reports are kept confidential, with controlled, encrypted access. 


  • Dr Alan D Sacks

    Dr Alan D Sacks

    M.B.B.CH., F.F. Rad (D) S.A. 
  • Dr Ahmed Khota

    Dr Ahmed Khota

    M.B.B.CH., F.C. Rad (D) S.A. 
  • Dr Bronwen Crawford

    Dr Bronwen Crawford

    M.B.B.CH., F.C. Rad (D) S.A. 
  • Dr Jennitha Sarawan

    Dr Jennitha Sarawan

    M.B.B.CH., F.C. Rad (D) S.A. 
  • Dr Linda Potgieter

    Dr Linda Potgieter

    M.B.CHB., F.C. Rad (D) S.A. 
  • Dr Michiel van Binsbergen

    Dr Michiel van Binsbergen

    M.B.CHB., F.C. Rad (D) S.A. 
  • Dr Miomir Stanojevic

    Dr Miomir Stanojevic

    M.D. (Belg.) F.C. Rad (D) S.A. 
  • Dr Moaaz Valli Omar

    Dr Moaaz Valli Omar

    BSc. (Wits), M.B.CHB (Pret). F.C. Rad (D) S.A. 
  • Dr Nafisa Paruk

    Dr Nafisa Paruk

    M.B.CHB (Natal), F.C. Rad (D) S.A., PGCME (UK) 
  • Dr Rebecca Such

    Dr Rebecca Such

    M.B.B.CH., F.C. Rad (D) S.A. 


  • Brett Sher

    Brett Sher

    Practice Manager 
  • Desiree Dwyer

    Desiree Dwyer

  • Liz Silva

    Liz Silva

  • Chantel de Abreu

    Chantel de Abreu

  • Ana Francis

    Ana Francis

    CT and MRI 
  • Corinne van Deventer

    Corinne van Deventer

    CT and MRI 
  • Bongani Mbatha

    Bongani Mbatha

    Diagnostic Radiography 
  • Igda van den Berg

    Igda van den Berg

  • Thulani Kwinana

    Thulani Kwinana

    PACS Administration 
  • Sandra De Abreu

    Sandra De Abreu

  • Devika Ram

    Devika Ram